Vida social
Who are we?

The Society for the Protective of Animals and Plants of Alcoy is an association without profits and is a charity based association whose objectives are:

1- To encourage good treatment of animals and the environment.

2- To defend the protection of animals, complying with the law and making sure they uphold the existing laws.

3- To make people conscious of abandonment and enforce the idea of protection for the animals.

4- To report irregularities concerning the ownership of animals.

5- To develop projects and finalize the wellbeing of the animals and create activities to finance the purposes of our entity.

6- To manage the dogshelter focused on collecting and the maintenance of the abandoned animals and control hygiene and health correctly. Also, to encourage the adoptions of all the animals in the refuge, dogs as well as cats.

7- Campaigning against abandonment, making people conscious of the sterilization of animals , making speeches at schools, implantation of microchips, etc…

The association you can count on is The “Society for the Protective of Animals and Plants” of Alcoy, an association that is dedicated to the protection and defence of animals. We manage the dogshelter and there , we give the abandoned dogs and cats a roof, food and all the care they need, while we look for a new home and good owners that can provide the care and life that they all deserve.

Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Plantas de Alcoy