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How to help us?
Became a member

With a periodic donation of the amount of your choice, the contribution goes towards creating a better stay for the dogs and cats in the dogshelter.

Became a member
Sponsor a pet

With a minimum of 5 euros monthly you will help with the maintenance, food, and veterinary control and of course , you can  take them for walks on any Sunday.

Sponsor a pet

Teaming is a online tool to raise money for social causes, throught micro donations of 1 euro monthly. The philosofy of Teaming is that with 1 euro monthly, we alone can not do much but if we join together, we can get big things.

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Timely Donations

With an act as simple as visiting your local branch or going to the bank and depositing  1,  5 or 10€ depending on your financial circumstances, we can make the life of our animals more comfortable.

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Become a volunteer

If you are of legal age and you think you can help animals from our volunteer group, do not hesitate to do so.

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Other help

To take a dog for a walk, visit our cats… You can also bring dog food, treats and your free time to help the volunteers. Or became a volunteer.

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Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Plantas de Alcoy