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08 June 2022

Luna arrived at the dog shelter with her sister Lia. Both lived with a person who, for reasons of force majeure, had to hand them over to her protector.

Luna is a very pretty cat, a little more shy than her sister, but affectionate as soon as she meets people. She is docile and good with other cats.

Luna, having also lived in a house, would adapt in a few days.

08 June 2022

Lia is a beautiful carei cat who came to the dog shelter with her sister Luna. Both lived with a person who, for reasons of force majeure, had to hand them over to the dog shelter.

Lia is a good cat, she gets along with all of her cage mates and is very affectionate with people. She is used to living in a house so she would have no problem adapting.

09 March 2022

Lluvia is a beautiful and very good kitten. Somebody brought her a rainy day, that’s why we called her Lluvia, she was alone in a colony, the person who brought her said that he had seen her days before with another kitten but she had been left alone.

She is a very nice and playful kitten, she loves to play with her cage mates and with very little time she adapts to strangers.


09 March 2022

Romy and her sister were living in a colony of cats, they were very good and the lady who took care of them thought that maybe they could adopt them.

She is a little shy kitten at first but she just needs to be given a little time and she adapts to her right away because she likes being loved very much. She has no problems with other cats and she is very calm.

09 March 2022

Sara, like her sister, was in a cat colony, the person who took care of them noticed that they were both very good and brought them for someone to adopt them.

Sara is a bit shy at first. She is a calm and sociable cat, ideal for a person who wants a young cat but who is not very restless. She gets along with her classmates and is looking forward to having a house so she can show her how loving she is.

09 March 2022

We took Cacauet from a colony, he was very small and quite sociable.

Now he is here in the dog shelter waiting for a family that loves him very much.

He is a very pretty cat and very smart. If you give him pate, he let you caress him and touch him, otherwise he will be a bit of a begging.

He is a very playful and friendly cat who gets along with everyone.

09 March 2022

Mateo was the smallest and funniest of his brothers.

He was the most affectionate when he arrived at the dog shelter. He is still very young, but very good and caring.

He gets along very well with the other cage mates and is playful.

09 March 2022

Olivia came to our dog shelter from a street with her brothers.

Olivia is a good kitten although she is very scared of people, she loves pâté and sweets and spends the day playing with her cage mates. She is a kitten who is looking forward to having a home, we are sure that she would give her love in a very short time.

09 March 2022

Julieta was a bit rebellious when she arrived, she came from the street and was very shy with people.

She is now a sociable and friendly kitten, who loves to play and especially sweets and pâté.

09 March 2022

Somebody took Gaviota out of a car engine, she was dirty and very scared.

Gaviota is a very good cat, but she is very afraid of people.

She is a very playful cat, she loves to run and jump for toys and play with balls.

She would need a little time to adjust, but in a few days she would give her all her love.

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